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PacMan76 is a user on ACC who joined on 5/15/2010. He is also a user on this Wiki who has created several pages.

Real Name: PacMan.76 (Note the decimal)

The picture on his profile

Gender: Male

Birthdya: 7/9/1998

Country: USA

Location: Odawara Castle (Trying to stop those darn Hojos)

Interests: Fan of Kingdom Hearts and Pikmin

His profile consists of lyrics to the Aquabats song, "The Cat With 2 Heads", some profile art a quote of wisdom: QUOTES OF WISDOM

Okay now that Wildheart is dead I'm the owner of the ship and I say that RPGs are last year! We must now move onto making cheap grocery toys like plastic dinosaurs!/shot - Hush Now RPG

He claims that his father is CoreyJason and his (deceased) mother is Audria. He participates in several RPGs and Off Topic forums.


- Odawara Castle was the battle about the Toyotomi fighting the Hojos for the unification of Japan

- Despite saying he's trying to stop "Those darn Hojos" he sometimes refers to himself as King Hojo

- His dA page shows that PacMan.76 is a character he uses to represent himself

- The .76 is that he was only 76% completed and that he was missing most of his AI (His excuse for being weird)