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JKmadu619 is a member of the ACC.

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You can view his profile here: Click here darling

ACC ID: JKmadu619

Name: Justin (he signs like every post with '- Justin' even if we already know it's him)

Age: 14

Location: You'd be dead if you knew *CLASSIFIED*

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Reading, Video games, stalking...

Find out the rest on your own, dear stalker.

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Town: Lean

Name: Justin

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Straight from his profile folks!:

XxStraight Edge: Hard CorexX Copy and paste this in your profile if you've never had drugs, or alcohol. (Note: x's were an original sign for straight edge.)

Favourite Music: Papa Roach, Reluctant Hero, Pennywise, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Journey, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Anthony Green, John Cougar, Lost Prophets, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Theset, Papa Roach, Linkin' Park, Buck Cherry, Project 86, 12 Stones


Sometime during the chilly December of 2010, Justin and his friend Shay (ACC ID: SugarCrazy) posted a small spam attack (known as the "December 2010 Hijinks") on the Off Topic boards.

With the help of Tattybojangles, Justin was able to succeed in removing the word "bloody" from the filter! (It's bloody great win too! Do you know how STRICT the ACC filter used to be? Once upoon a time, you couldn't even say 'omg'. :o )