Aidan joined ACC on 10/12/10.

Aidan was the owner of the not-so-great ACE, Animal Crossing Emporium. Besides being a second rate giveaway, ACE also copied everything from the much superior MFG, Milly's Flowers and Gifts, which is now number 1 on the ACC giveaway boards. Despite the obvious copying that went on, Aidan denies it to this day. 

ACE also had its very own fan-fiction, The Mystery of ACE, which was so better than ACE ever was, giving people the impression ACE was actually good. It wasn't. 

Aside from copying from every giveaway (actually, mostly MFG), he also copied from ACC. He got his friend mdh264 on staff (we will save commentary on mdh for another day), steal planned features then incorporate them into the ACE website. Like ACE, the ACE website also copied everything from everywhere else while adamantly denying that that wasn't the case. It was also a second-rate website, rife with exploits and staff members who couldn't take any criticisms what so ever. 

The ACE website also managed to attract the attention of the ACC staff. The ACC staff took decisive action, namely bringing the hammer down  both on Aidan and mdh, banning them for three weeks, and closing down every single ACE thread ever, making it the first time the staff ever closed down a giveaway under such circumstances. Among the reasons cited: copying ACC and (no surprise) numerous copying complaints from other giveaway owners. mdh was destaffed. After the giveaway was banned from ACC, ACE tried to continue it on its own website but failed due to lack of notoriety, and the fact that mdh was an admin and never explained himself. Three days after ACE closed down, the ACE website did too.

To this day Aidan remains adamant that ACE will come back. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. ACE's downfall left an opening Craig's AC list, which, like ACE, is a mediocre giveaway and had to poach members from MFG (who have since returned to make MFG #1, take that Craig's AC list!).