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ACC ID: Angelwing

Name: Samantha

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Country: US of A

Hobbies/Interests: Video Games | Running | Singing | Animals | Music | Niall Horan | Adam Lambert |

AC Infoz

Town: Sunville

Name: Samantha

Some Facts About Miss Angelwing

She loves to listen to music.

She loves reading.

She loves animals.

Her favorite Vocaloid artist is probably Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine or Len/Rin Kagamine.

She loves Vocaloid.

Video games are a big part of her life.

Her favorite movie is the 'The Dark Night Rises'. And it's a official. You got that? Official. Officially official.

Her favorite music group is One Direction.

Her favorite color is either blue or pink.

Her favorite actor is Joseph-Gordon Levitt. <3

She loves Vocaloid.

Her favorite YouTube person is probably jennamarbles or nigahiga.

Her favorite book is The Book Thief.

Did I mention? She loves Vocaloid.

  • Majority of these facts are from her profile under "100 Facts About Me:" in which, she does not have 100 facts, but in fact, only 51 (there's a 52, but there's nothing there? O.o)